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Album 1
CD Cover: Johann Jakob Froberger: Pièces de Clavessin
CD Cover: J. S. Bach: Harpsichord Music
J.S. BACH: THE FRENCH SUITES, BWV 812-817, selected Preludes, BWV 923, 999, 815a, and three Preludes from the Well-Tempered Clavier, performed by David Cates, harpsichord.
CD1 49:38; CD2 45:22
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Johann Jakob Froberger: Pièces de Clavessin
Suites, Toccatas and Tombeaux for the harpsichord
David Cates, harpsichords
(John Phillips, Berkeley, after Giusti;
Curtis Berak, Los Angeles, after 16th century models) Peter Nothnagle, engineer;
Peter Nothnagle, John Phillips & Joseph Spencer, co-producers   DDD 71' 05" $15.98
Wildboar Recordings
J. S. Bach: Harpsichord Music
David Cates, harpsichord
(Owen Daly, Salem, Oregon, after Vaudry, ca. 1681)
Peter Nothnagel, producer/engineer;
Joseph Spencer,
executive producer, graphic designer.
DDD 73' 15" recorded May 1999. $15.98    Wildboar Recordings

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Froberger Toccata GMajor (3:19)

Froberger Lament (6:30)

1-17 No. 2 In C Minor, BWV 813_ 1. Allemande (2:37)

14 Chorale In Dulci Jubilo BWV 729 (1:50)

Bach French Overture in b minor, first movement (8:13)

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